QC Battery Tender Charger Ranger Chopper Bobber Harley BMW 3807-0047EA

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Product Description:

Genuine DELTRAN Eyelet Ring Terminal Quick Disconnect Harness

Part number 3807-0047EA

This Jumper is especially useful on Big-Inch motorcycles like American V-Twins
And on horizontally opposed engines like BMW motorcycles.
Fits ATVs also
The starters on these bikes require large battery current draw to start.
Keeping a charger or trickle charger on your battery will help with slow starting.

Permanently attach this Jumper Harness to your battery and you will never have to
fumble with attaching battery charger clips to your battery again.
Simply plug a compatible charger into this jumper and you're good to go.

There are many 12 volt accessory adapters that will plug into this Jumper Harness.
This is one of the most RUGGED and DURABLE Jumpers available.

22" Total length from Eyelet to Plug.
Heavy Duty Construction!
Plugs into all Deltran Battery Tenders.
Fits many other brands of Chargers and Tenders with SAE 2 pin connectors.
One time installation.
Convenient for hard-to-access batteries.
SAE 2 pin connector is also compatible with most heated suits for motorcycles or snowmobiles!
SAE 2 pin connector will connect to hundreds of different 12 volt accessories and adapters.

Please check your OEM on and compare the pictures

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