Moto Tassinari V-force Delta 4 Yamaha Blaster 200 YFS Vforce4 Reeds

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Product Description:

Vforce 4 Reed Valve for All Yamaha Blasters

The all-new VForce4 is built upon the solid foundation that has made the VForce3 such a success for the last 10 years. While the VForce3 has been continually refined over the years, this is a complete redesign of the entire system. We jokingly say, "The only thing we didn't change is the bolt pattern." However this is actually quite true. All the components that go into making a VForce reed valve system have been significantly changed since the VForce3.

While the most obvious change on the all-new VForce4 is certainly the full-length reed stops, let's take a look at some of the other significant changes as well…

All-new reed petal resin system, carbon fiber and lay-up
Pre-curved reed petal ensures better seal at tip
Wider reed cage for maximum airflow
Combined reed tip area increased by 10.5% resulting in increased total air flow
Airfoil shape added to cage tip to increase air velocity from outer ports
Long reed stops added to progressively slow petal tip velocity, for increased petal durability
Reduced frontal area of central wing by 15.6% combined with a more aerodynamic shape
The VForce4 was recently reviewed by Dirt Bike magazine in the June 2011 issue. The staff raved about the performance benefit on their KTM 300, even over the existing VForce3 installed in their test bike.

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