MassFX Wheel & Tire Combo 18x8.5-8 Golf Cart Tire w/ Black 4/4 Rim 4Pk

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Product Description:

Massfx Wheel and Tire Combo 18x8.5-8 Golf Cart Tire With Black 8x7 4/4 Rim 4 Pack

These new MASSFX golf tires are built for anything the golf course can throw at you. Their durable 4 Ply Toughness Rating makes even the toughest and meanest golf course tremble. They come with an MO tread pattern for unmatched static and high motion grip and control, on and off the fairways. These tires are the kind that make heads turn when your golf cart drives by at the clubhouse. When you pair these tires with our simple and sleek black wheels, you'll be the talk of any country club.

Key Features
• Tear resistant 4 Ply Toughness Rating, for a more Durable Tire.
• For maximum carrying capacity Can Hold Max. Load 370 kg (815 Lbs) AT (22 psi).
• 5 mm Tread Depth For better Static and High Motion Grip and Control.
• Durable steel wheels provide a lifetime of fun at the golf course.
• The 4/4 bolt pattern fits most modern golf carts.

Quantity: 4 X (18 X 8.5 X 8) Massfx Golf Cart Tires.
Quantity: 4 X (8x7 4/4) Massfx Black Golf Cart Wheels.

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