1975-1983 Honda Goldwing GL 1000 and GL 1100 OEM Fuel Pump

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Product Description:

Genuine HONDA OEM Fuel Pump Assembly

Part Number: 16700-371-014

Stranded by the side of the road?
Replace your failed fuel pump with this Genuine OEM HONDA Fuel Pump Assembly

Replace your Goldwing Fuel Pump TODAY! Read Below!

The Honda Goldwing uses a mechanical fuel pump to pump fuel from the gas tank to the carburetors.
This is very uncommon in the world of motorcycles.
The Goldwings gas tank is actually located under the seat, not up in front as is typical for motorcycles.
Because the gas-tank is down low under the seat, a pump is required to get the fuel up to the carburetors.

The mechanical fuel pump uses a rubber type diaphragm operated by a metal arm.
This design is prone to degrade over time, especially when the bike is parked for extended periods.
Our modern ethanol fuels only add to this problem.

The old mechanical fuel pump on your Goldwing may only be pumping HALF as much fuel as it did when it was new.
This happens when the rubber diaphragm stiffens over time.
Eventually the pump will stop pumping all together and/or begin leaking.
Leaking fuel is an obvious fire hazard. Dont burn your old Wing to a pile of feathers.
Another danger is that if the bike is running with less than optimal fuel available to the carburetors, it will run lean.
An engine that is running too lean is being damaged and will eventually fail.

Replace your old fuel pump today.

Will fit all of the following motorcycles:


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